Oh My Goddess! Volume 2

Oh My Goddess! Volume 2 

By Kosuke Fujishima (Titan Books)
ISBN 1-84576-486-9

Having almost adapted to being inextricably linked to a beautiful goddess, you’d think life would settle down for socially inadequate student Keiichi Morisato, but sadly things just keep getting more and more complicated.

The college society he pledged to – the Nekomi Institute of Technology Motor Club – are a bunch of maniacs, always spending his money and getting him into trouble, his little sister is always nosing around, the campus queen, Sayoko, inexplicably has the hots for him, and to top it all, Belldandy’s sister – an even more powerful goddess – has decided to make him her pet project.

When you’re a lazy slacker who just wants a hassle free life, you should be careful what you wish for. This second collection of Kosuke Fujishima’s classic comedy of errors is a gentle hoot that can’t fail to bring a smile to the jaded comic palate.

© 2007 Kosuke Fujishima. All Rights Reserved.