Scott Pilgrim, Vol 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together

By Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press)
ISBN: 978-1-93266-449-2

The always entertaining Bryan Lee O’Malley returns to thrill, chill and astound with the next instalment in his pictorial saga of Scott Pilgrim, the World’s most wonderful waste of space, time and infinite dimensions.

Scott’s a young post-Generation X-er, who’s more or less content to drift through life, but even he has problems he can’t escape, ignore, avoid or sleep through. When he finds himself jobless, homeless, aimless and arguing with the other members of his band that’s one thing, but when he realises that he’s increasingly emotionally dependent on his mysterious girlfriend Ramona Flowers… Something has to change.

It’s not being only halfway through death-duelling with her seven evil ex-boyfriends, or the fact that the girl-he-almost-had is back in town and mixing him up that’s causing the grief. It’s the suspicion that he and Ramona might actually have something real growing which forces the most drastic action yet – getting a job!

This volume includes a full colour 8-page vignette to supplement the incisive black and white cartooning. Surreal, mock-heroic, powerfully addictive graphic narrative informed by video games, anime and manga, this is a warm, funny and superbly well-crafted series that does more to break English-language comics out of its self-built ghetto than any superhero title ever possibly could. If you want a quality read, and would like to see the future of our medium, this should be on your shelf or shopping list.

™ & © 2007 Bryan Lee O’Malley. All Rights Reserved.