Four Constables
Four Constables

By Andy Seto & Tony Wong (DGN/DrMaster Publications)
ISBN13: 978-1-59796-162-2

Originally a crafted as a novel by Wen Rui-An this spectacular adaptation of a martial arts classic finds a quartet of superlative students tasked by their brilliant teacher to protect the land from all threats. In this repackaged first adventure, the heroes must foil an insidious plot against the Emperor using only their brains and assorted Kung Fu “super-powers.”

Master Zhuge Khen-Wo “the Little Flower” is chief bodyguard to the Emperor of China. He has four disciples in various stages of training whom he uses to handle missions and tasks beyond the capabilities or too sensitive for ordinary agents of the Crown. Uncovering an extended murder-plot that goes back decades and threatens the fabric of Imperial Society master Zhuge dispatches “Emotionless” Yayu Sheng, “Iron Hands” Yuxia Tie, “Life Snatcher” Lieshan Cui and “Cold Blooded” Lingqi Len to expose a cabal of thirteen murderers whose depredations have been revealed as a methodical scheme to remove the Emperor himself.

Spectacular fights and mind-boggling names for every punch, kick and eyebrow-twitch just add to the exotic charm of this superb martial arts comic which has the blessed bonus – for Western eyes, at least – of an intriguing and comprehensible plot, even if the tradition of ending a book on a cliff-hanger means we’ll have to wait for the magic to conclude.

Tony Wong is called the “Stan Lee of Hong Kong” and you might know superstar creator Andy Seto from the film made of his previous series “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Previously released in standard trade paperback format this new 144 page edition is published in glorious full colour in a Manga-digest size (127x178mm) and sports a new wrap-around cover by Seto.

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