By David Lapham (Vertigo)
ISBN: 978-1-84576-600-9 (trade paperback)

David Lapham returned to the genre that elevated him to comics’ top rank (for the superb crime-thrillers Stray Bullets and Murder Me Dead) with this all-original yarn for the creator-owned Vertigo imprint, tailor-made to become a major motion picture.

Troubled teenager Mia Fleming doesn’t like her new stepmom, Suzanne. That’s not uncommon. However when she steals Suzanne’s diary, makes prank calls and snoops in her closet, she sets in motion a storm of bloody violence and terrifying consequences for her friends, her family, and ultimately the entire town of Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Lapham has a chillingly direct line to contemporary America and his skill in exploring and exhibiting the simmering violence in that too-often dysfunctional society is put to efficient and engrossing effect in this fascinating blend of psycho-thriller and teen-Slasher tale, drawn with simple, provocative, clarity in moody, powerful black and white tones.

If you’re a comics missionary this a perfect book to recommend to crime-fans, thriller-aficionados, and all other acquaintances. You’ll also want a copy for yourself.

© 2007 David Lapham. All Rights Reserved.