Published by Egmont
ISBN: 978-1-4052-4531-9

Created by writer John Cunliffe and animator Ivor Wood (working as Woodland Animations) Postman Pat debuted in 1981 and has delighted generations of youngsters ever since. Cunliffe’s other big credit is the children’s show Rosie and Jim whilst Wood has worked on The Herbs, Paddington Bear and The Magic Roundabout.

Set in the Cumbrian village of Greendale (a delightful analogue of a picturesque part of the Longsleddale Valley), Pat Clifton used to be the local postie, always driving about in his van with Jess, his black and white cat. However in 2004 a new series of TV adventures showed how he was promoted to head of the Special Delivery Service, based in the bustling nearby town of Pencaster.

His job now is to deliver anything, anywhere and always on time! To help he has a whole fleet of wonderful vehicles including a motorbike and a helicopter!

This book adapts one of the episodes (from October 3rd 2008) and tells how a delivery of helium balloons intended for the grand Re-Opening of the refurbished Town Hall get loose in transit and Pat has to gather them up – a job made extra difficult because police constable Selby has become entangled in them and been floated away into the sky! Can Pat retrieve his special delivery and rescue PC Selby before the big party at the Town Hall?

This wonderfully exciting tale for young children has plenty of thrills and fun moments, whilst the stills from the TV episode are beautiful and full of captivating energy. As something to read to or with a budding reader Postman Pat can’t be surpassed and as a stepping stone to both books and graphic novels this entire series is one that all parents should be happy to support – especially at such economical prices.

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