Green Arrow: Quiver

Green Arrow: Quiver

By Kevin Smith, Phil Hester & Ande Parks (DC Comics)
ISBN 1-84023-509-8

Green Arrow has been a fixture in the DC Universe since the early 1940s and was one of the few costumed heroes to survive the end of the Golden Age. He carried on adventuring in the back of other heroes’ comic books, joined the Justice League and became the spokes-hero of the anti-establishment during the 1960’s Relevancy period in comics publishing, courtesy of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams. Under Mike Grell’s stewardship he became a headliner, an urban hunter who dealt with corporate thugs and serial killers rather than costumed goof-balls. And then he was killed.

This revival, from the unconventional Kevin Smith (yes, Silent Bob!) and the wonderful art-team of Phil Hester and Ande Parks, brings him back from Heaven in the most refreshing manner I’ve seen in nearly five decades of comic reading. Collecting issues #1-10 of the monthly series this gloriously enjoyable refining of Green Arrow embraces the fundamental daftness of superhero comics to revitalise them. Replete with guest-stars, jam-packed with action and intrigue and wallowing in fun thanks to the sly, snappy dialogue of Smith, this is a costume-drama in a thousand and I’m certainly not going to spoil your fun by giving away any details.

Buy it, read it, love it!

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