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Is the comic-book dead? Can periodical publications survive in a world where the retailer needs to charge more for a slim pamphlet than the customer wants to pay? Are collections, albums and all-new comic stories in large, more cost-intensive packages the answer? Win Wiacek examines strips old and new with big page counts and mutable shelf-lives.

Win Wiacek was chairman of the Comics Creators Guild for more years than is democratically advisable and has become crazed with power and besotted with his own worth. Therefore, the opinions expressed in this blog are solely his own and not necessarily shared by said Guild either in part or as a whole — no matter how sensible enticing, beguiling, logical and/or irrefutable they may seem.

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7 Replies to “About Win Wiacek”

  1. G’day Win!

    I was researching Reg’s art again on the net as I have discovered an old drawing he did of Jean Harlow. In the process, I came across your excellent site again. I must apologise to you as it appears you replied to my comments and I did not extend a similar courtesy. Furthermore, I left you no contact details before moving on! Hopefully you now have my email address and I would be delighted to give you some background to Reg as he really worked himself to an early death over his art for which he lived and died for.

    Kind regards, Trevor (Bunn)

  2. Win — Thank you for the kind words about my old LEGENDS OF THE STARGRAZERS mini-series from the Innovation days.

    Did you ever see the second Innovation volume, which completed the 6-issue storyline? The entire story did come out.

    — David

  3. Hi David

    You’re very welcome.

    Although I did pick up the comics at the time, I never got around to buying the second paperback collection, however it’s now on my ‘to-do’ list. Maybe it will turn up here one day soon.


  4. Win – happened upon your review of Denis Gifford’s ‘History of the British Newspaper Strip’. Not sure whether you were aware, but Denis put together a further-reaching book which an agent tried to peddle for a number of years. Not sure what happened to this work when DG passed on and his archive was broken up – Dave

  5. Hi Dave
    Thanks for the heads-up. I hadn’t heard that, but I believe that Denis’ papers and collection ended up with Bob Monkhouse just before he passed away himself.
    Its a lovely thought that somewhere there’s another manuscript – maybe even illustrations too – just waiting to be finished and published…

  6. Dear Win,
    I read what you wrot about “Bells Theorem”. (Trues about Shelby) It is the true titel in France. What should I say. Reading the content of the story after all the years I got tears in my eyes. And you understand the whole story and talk about poetry. Thank you a lot

    al the best

    Matthias Schultheiss

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