Hey Skinny!

Great Advertisements from the Golden Age of Comic Books

Hey Skinny!

By Miles Beller and Jerry Leibowitz (Chronicle Books)
ISBN13: 978-0-8118-0828-6

A few years back there were a brace of books released that reprinted the iconic advertisements that peppered comic books; both American and the much more sedate British variety. Although mostly sensationalistic and concentrating on the kitsch value of their content, there’s still a valid reason to commemorate these histrionic and fantastic landmarks of nostalgia. The volume cited here is a slim and jolly little gem that features full page ads that appeared in US comic-books from the dawn of the form until the mid 1950’s.

Culled from such disparate sources as Alarming Tales, Blue Bolt, Buck Duck, Captain Marvel Adventures, Crime and Punishment, Heart Throbs, Little Lulu, Sad Sack, Terry and the Pirates and a host of others, these full colour seductions offer to fulfill every child’s dreams with such devices as the Technicolor Comicscope, a Jet “Rocket” Space Ship, a Phono-Toon, Forest-Fire Lamps, Space Cadet “Invisible Helmets”, Nutty Putty or even Captain Video Two-Way Communicators.

For older readers the secrets of a happy life are guaranteed with such boons to mankind as Wards Formula (for killing hair-destroying germs!), Baton Twirling in 5 Minutes, the Vacutex Gentle Suction Blackhead Remover, Anti-Bed-Wetting Tablets and of course the secrets of gaining weight and girlfriends.

Even if you’re not skinny this charming slice of yesteryear offers a warm and fuzzy feeling of simpler times now gone, for any fan who doesn’t take the industry and their passion too seriously.

© 1995 Miles Beller and Jerry Leibowitz. All Rights Reserved.

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