Prison Pit volume 1

By Johnny Ryan (Fantagraphics Books)
ISBN: 978-1-60699-297-5

Johnny Ryan is a cartoonist with an uncompromising vision and a clear intention of producing shock and even revulsion whenever he wants to. In this latest book, derived from his fascination with casual violence, social decay and the mythology of masked wrestling as well as his appreciation of the “berserk” manga strips of Kentaro Miura, he presents a brutally child-like view of a different sort of Hell.

The Prison Pit is an extra-dimensional purgatory where the most violent felons are dumped to live or die, plagued with monsters, vile organisms and the worst specimens of humanity society has ever produced. Into this hellhole is cast C.F. a masked wrestler who’s not prepared to back down for anybody or anything.

What follows is non-stop excessive force and graphic carnage: a never-ending battle delivered in the raw primitivist art of an impassioned engrossed child…

Savage, cathartic and blackly funny this is violent juvenilia pushed beyond all limits into the darkest depths of absurdist comedy. Not for children, the faint-hearted or weak-stomached, this is extreme cartooning at its most visceral and pure.

© 2009 Johnny Ryan. All rights reserved.