By Donald Rooum, with an introduction by Philip Sansom (Freedom Press)
ISBN: 0-900384-30-1

Donald Rooum has been a force in comics, in education and in the Anarchist movement for longer than I’ve been alive. As well as teaching generations of creative people and producing some of the most gently powerful and trenchant political cartooning of the last half century he has actually been instrumental in the downfall of corrupt policemen and the changing of English Law. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. It’s still a free country. When you have checked then you’ll know who to thank.

The eponymous Wildcat is a strident, impatient and unstoppable feline who has spent decades on the pages of Freedom magazine, puncturing pomposity, inviting debate – also abruptly ending it – and educating the willing in the ways the world works.

In this first collection of Donald’s strips we get a history lesson or two and some views of alternative politics all delivered in a gentle, charming yet telling manner. The jokes don’t forget to be funny and more importantly, there are no blind spots. Anarchists are as good a target as any Establishment or Vested Interest, when the aim is to skewer pomposity, injustice or stupidity.

So just remember, Anarchism is about taking responsibility, not taking charge. I’m trusting you to get your own copy of this book, and to read it.

© 1964, 1967, 1975, 1980-1985, 2007 Donald Rooum. All Rights Reserved.
Introduction © Philip Sansom.