Justice League Unlimited Sticker Book

By various (Alligator Books)
ISBN: 978-1-84750-335-0

It’s never too soon to get your young ‘uns hooked on the hard stuff as this wonderful black and white activity book for the three-and-up crowd proves with its selection of word puzzles, drawing grid exercises, recognition tests, mazes, join-the-dot puzzles and good old-fashioned colouring pages, all based on the DC characters who made up the cartoon Network version of the Justice League of America – that’s Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, the John Stewart/Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and my personal feisty favourite, Hawkgirl.

This attention-riveting tome is also a Sticker Book, which means that there are loads of very cool, full-colour, peel-off adhesive images (Reusable! It says on the front so you know it must be true!) which can be placed in relevant – or not – places to great effect.

Produced by the collective efforts of Brian Augustyn, Jason Hernandez Rosenblatt, Bob Rozakis, Jason Armstrong, Dan Davis, Mike DeCarlo, John Delaney, Craig Rousseau and Joe Staton this great package is another perfect tool in the never-ending crusade to teach kids to love comics, books and reading. And some of the kids who get this book will undoubtedly want to graduate to the comic afterward…

In a world where books are increasingly alien to people, the combination of great characters, compelling pictures and every darn attention-seizing trick in the book is a welcome tactic for getting kids reading and not Wii-ing. Forget video games, buy that child a book! And if you’re worried about exercise, make ’em do the colouring-in standing up…
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