Superman: Back in Action

Superman: Back in Action

By various

DC Comics ISBN 1-84576-432-3

As part of their One year Later strand, and following on from the continuity altering events of Infinite Crisis, DC comics brings us a Superman who has been missing from Earth for a whole year – how strangely reminiscent of that film it all seems – and who must now prove himself all over again to a doubting populace, government, and distressingly his own friends. Luckily a huge alien eBay style merchant monster has invaded Earth and is parcelling up all and sundry for auction – including all the superheroes – and the big blue guy gets to save the world in a live simulcast feed.

Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza write and Pete Woods draws an effective if uninspired little fable that should pass some time nicely, but the real gold is the three filler adventures from DC Comics Presents, a 1980’s title that teamed the Man of Steel with various heroes of the DC Universe. Here you can enjoy the Metal Men, Firestorm and Deadman in short, punchy romps written by Len Wein and Gerry Conway, and beautifully illustrated by the incredible Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

There’s a lot of gold in DC’s back catalogue along with the dross, and if a series or theme collection seems a losing prospect, I fully welcome them mining out the nuggets and putting them anywhere they might fit. Good stories should be read not stashed away.

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