Wallace & Gromit in A Grand Day Out

By Nick Park, illustrated by David Lopez (Egmont)
ISBN: 978-1-40524-532-6 (HB) 978-0-56338-008-5 (PB)

No matter how old you get, there are always new experiences to enjoy and endure. Here I am, in my personal end of days, gearing up for my first ever digital Yule season. With that in mind, I’ll be thinking of appropriate reading matter that we should all start sorting out now...

Hard though it is to believe, Wallace and Gromit have been delighting us for over thirty years and this delightful commemorative edition celebrated the fact in fine style by coming full circle. According to Nick Park’s informative Foreword the ingenious, quintessentially English cheese-loving duo were originally conceived as an art school graphic novel, before the Plasticene lure of movement and sound diverted the concept to the world of animation.

David Lopez sensitively adapts with a soft, water-coloured grace the classic tale of an ingenious man and his dog on an epic hunt for cheese that leads them to the moon and a unique confrontation with the dreamy robot that guards its edible treasures.

Lovingly rendered, perfectly timed, the skilful blend of low comedy and whimsy is just as memorable in two dimensions as four, and this book is going to make a lot of kids – of all ages – wonderfully happy.

Is it ever too soon to start recommending what to buy for Christmas? If not then consider this a “must have”…
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