Captain Marvel: Shadow Code

By Gilly Segal (Titan Books)
ISBN: 978-1-80336-180-2 (HB) eISBN: 978-1-80336-181-9

Win’s Christmas Gift Recommendation: Compulsive Marvel Madness …8/10

After a few half-hearted and ultimately abortive attempts in the 1960s followed by a more strategic but no more enduring attempt at the close of the 1970’s, Marvel finally secured a regular presence on prose bookshelves in the 1990s with a series of hardback novels. Since then, fans who want to supply their own pictures to gripping MU exploits have enjoyed a successive string of text thrills in all formats.

British publisher Titan Books has been supplying many such powerhouse prose publications and here caters to the interests of fans brought in by movies like Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and The Marvels and lifelong devotees of the ever-enlarging continuity in a gripping yarn set firmly in comic book continuity.

When half-Kree/half human superhero Carol Danvers is asked by token hero guy Tony Stark (in both annoying genius mode and as Iron Man) to investigate a family problem besetting third-generation coding prodigy Mara Melamed, she uncovers a cyber threat to the entire world apparently gamed out by leading braintrust DigiTech and a viper’s nest of family betrayals.

As corporate skulduggery escalates to hostile surveillance, disinformation, blackmail, murder, and indiscriminate attacks by top-secret ordnance, Danvers calls in a team of trusty female super-friends (Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, Jenn Takeda/Hazmat, Monica Rambeau/Spectrum) and after much dangerous investigation learns an old enemy is behind everything… or is she?

Written by Gilly Segal (I’m Not Dying With You Tonight, Why We Fly) this Titanic tome offers strong, accurate characterisation, fast-paced, non-stop super-powered conflict, perplexing mystery, ever-ratchetting tension and even a few laughs to make Shadow Code an ideal diversion between all those comics and live action adventures…
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