Rip in Time

Rip in Time

By Bruce Jones and Richard Corben (Fantagor Press)
ISBN: 0-9623841-1-9

This spectacular B-Movie pastiche from two veteran comics creators has all the elements of a blockbuster thrill-ride and rattles along like a roller coaster. L.A. cop Rip Scully is out with his millionaire fiancé when he stumbles across a liquor store hold-up. Although he subdues the female robber, her psychopathic partner manages to escape with the fiancé as a hostage.

In hot pursuit with the female bandit in tow, Rip and his quarry burst into a US Military project at just the wrong moment and all four are catapulted through a hole in time. Trapped millions of years in the past relationships might break down but the hatred of men remains immutable. And the dinosaurs only care about filling their bellies…

As if they weren’t in enough trouble, the project commander is under orders to leave no witnesses and has dispatched an insane bounty hunter to ensure that no one comes back from this Lost World…

Lovingly airbrushed artwork in Corben’s outrageous signature style, rendered in moody monochrome perfectly augments Jones’ racy, pacy dialogue in this delightfully visceral thriller to make this another classic long, long overdue for a revisit.

© 1986, 1987, 1990 Richard Corben and Bruce Jones. All Rights Reserved.