Superman: Time and Time Again

Superman: Time and Time Again

By various (DC Comics)
ISBN: 978-1-56389-129-8

When Superman was re-imagined after Crisis on Infinite Earths, many of his more omnipotent abilities were discarded. He was a limited hero, more in touch with humanity because he wasn’t so far above it. One thing that was abandoned was his casual ability to travel through time.

Indeed, rather than being able to navigate the chronal corridors with ease, in this splendid epic from 1991 (originally published as Action Comics #663-665, Adventures of Superman #476-478, and Superman volume 2 #54-55 plus epilogues from #61 and 73) he is trapped in a cataclysmic temporal warp, bounced around from era to era and unable to return to his home and loved ones.

When a rogue Linear Man, (self appointed guardians of the Time Stream) tries to return the hero Booster Gold to the 25th century he originated from, Superman intervenes, but a tremendous explosion sends him careening through time. Each “landing” leaves him in a significant period of Earth’s history and only gigantic explosions can launch him back into the time stream.

As well as the mandatory “walking with dinosaurs” the Man of Steel also meets the World War II Justice Society of America, fights Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto, tussles with a mammoth, fights The Demon during the fall of Camelot and encounters the Legion of Super Heroes at three critical points of their career.

This hugely enjoyable epic is by Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern, Bob McLeod, Brett Breeding, Dennis Janke, Tom Grummett, and Jose Marzan and is both highly readable and cheerfully accessible for both returning and first time fans.

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