By Hilary J. Bader, Bo Hampton & Terry Beatty (DC Comics)
ISBN: 1-56389-483-1

The Batman Animated TV series masterminded by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini revolutionised the Dark Knight and led to some of the absolute best comic book adventures in his seventy-year publishing history. The five-issue miniseries collected here features the Batman Family in an adventure that recounts how Teen Wonder Robin became the mysterious avenger Nightwing.

Increasingly discontented with his junior role Dick Grayson acrimoniously departs Gotham City to travel the world, eventually encountering a tribe of Brazilian Indians called the Invisibles who teach him their unique stealth secrets.

Meanwhile in Gotham Batman and Batgirl carry on the good fight, but their lives change forever when they meet a troubled kid named Tim Drake whose dad is caught up in a situation that only a hero can handle…

Compelling, superbly designed and spectacularly illustrated, these stripped-down action romps are quintessential Bat-magic, and with such arch foes as the Joker, Two-Face and Ra’s Al Ghul on hand to provide the menace this is a book any fan, no matter their age, will adore.

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