Thrill Murray – a Colouring-In Book

By Mike Coley & various (Belly Kids)
ISBN: 978-0-9574909-0-1

Belly Kids are a quirky multimedia arts company with a fun-fuelled, anything goes attitude, producing art-based books, records, DVDs, t-shirts, merchandise, live shows and comics just because they can.

This decidedly peculiar collective tribute to a true Hollywood original features twenty three memorable coloured images of the masterful William James “Bill” Murray in many of his most iconic roles, crafted by a bevy of uniquely individualistic artists.

Moreover there are adjacent monochrome iterations of each image just so you and your young ‘uns can have a go at improving upon each…

Ranging from passionately illustrative to baldly comic, these cartoon contributions from Hattie Stewart, Murray Somerville, Logan Fitzpatrick, Anneka Lange, Jonny Packham, James Burgess, Alice Devine, Bridget Meyne, Brooke Olsen, Tobias Hall, Mike Kilkelly, Nicholas Stevenson, Thomas Key, Chris Arrowsmith, Richard Fairhead, Marie-Louise Plum, Catherine Askew, Mya Munnelly, Rosie Roberts, Beth Harris, Donald Ely, Mary Cheung and Nathan Dirienzo recapture the magic of the great man’s celluloid hits from Caddyshack to Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and much more.

It’s never too soon or too late to get in touch with your visually expressive side, and the only way this wonderfully wry and imaginative activity book could be improved is with a box of crayons or some paints and pens…

Irreverent, subversive and appallingly addictive, the combination of great characters, compelling pictures and mirthful attention-seizing is a welcome weapon to get kids reading and creating rather than sluggishly absorbing whatever’s on the TV or computer screen.

Forget video-games – buy that child or your partner this book. If you’re worried about exercise, make ‘em do the colouring-in standing up and if they make a mess you can boost their cardio rate by getting them to clean up.

Boy, you have a lot of problems having a bit of fun…
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