Dan Dare: Red Moon Mystery

Dan Dare: Red Moon Mystery 

By Frank Hampson (Titan Books)
ISBN 1-84023-666-3

Dan Dare, his faithful crew and the Eagle were a part of British life almost from the outset and the secret is the sheer quality of the artwork and stories. Frank Hampson and his team brought joy and glamour into the lives of a weary nation and the gloriously lavish Titan books editions magically recapture it all!

The first two volumes saw our heroes broach the mysteries of Venus, meet and defeat the Mekon and his deadly Treens and literally save the world. Attempting to top that for sheer spectacle the creative team of Hampson and his associates (co-scripter George Beardmore and fellow artists Eric Eden, Don Harley, Harold Johns, Greta Tomlinson and others) craft a splendid blend of tension and action as a deadly wandering moon threatens to shatter the Earth! Gripping, beautifully illustrated and progressing at a breakneck pace this is a superb piece of end-of-the-World drama that matches the best of the post-war doomsmiths such as John Wyndham or J. G. Ballard. It’s got a happy – portentous – ending too!

Solid, clean wholesome entertainment that is timeless and produced to the highest standards, these books also contain a wealth of extra features that can’t fail to make the casual reader into a blithering fanatic like me. Get ‘em for your dad, get ‘em for the kids, and while we’re you’re at it, have some yourself!

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