Wallace and Gromit: The Whippet Vanishes

Wallace and Grommit: The Whippet Vanishes 

By Simon Furman, Ian Rimmer and Jimmy Hansen (Titan Books)
ISBN: 1-84023-498-9

There are lots of comics and graphic novels that derive from movie and television sources, and for whatever reason, most of them just do not cut it. This is a noteworthy exception.

This publication, dedicated to the further adventures of Northern boffin Wallace and the incomparable best-of-breed working dog Gromit, sees them take on the role of amateur Pet Detectives in a helter-skelter romp to track down a mysterious pet-napper.

All their trademark insanity and high energy action abounds as they deal with snow drifts and missing garden Gnomes and add another eccentric evil genius to their catalogue of arch-villains.

Great fun for all ages and I’d like to offer my particular congratulations for captivating art and colour from Jimmy Hansen and John Burns. Puppets have never been drawn so well.

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