Mome 8: Summer 2007

Mome 8: Summer 2007

By various (Fantagraphics Books)
ISBN: 978-1-56097-847-3

Mome is more magazine than book. The latest edition features strips and graphic artworks from a variety of earnest and dedicated comics creators from the capital “A” end of our artform. It is intense and often hard to read and produced to the highest production standards. It is considered by many to be a successor to Art Spiegelman’s seminal Raw.

This volume features work by Ray Fenwick, Sophie Crumb, Tom Kaczynski, Émile Bravo, Al Columbia, Jonathan Bennett, Joe Kimball and Paul Hornschemeier. There is also the concluding episode of European legend Lewis Trondheim’s philosophically autobiographical trilogy ‘At Loose Ends’, plus an interview with Eleanor Davis and as her haunting, memorable tale ‘Stick and String’.

Mome is more book than magazine. It is published quarterly and features cutting edge cartooning and graphic narrative from a variety of creators. It is challenging, diverting, pretentious, absorbing, compelling, annoying and wonderful. Do not ignore it. It is compulsive reading for anyone who doesn’t just read comics to relax.

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