Prelude to Infinite Crisis

Prelude to Infinite Crisis 

By various (DC Comics)
ISBN 1-84576-209-6

This quick, cheap compilation reprints some of the various stories from around the DC Universe, with salient extracts and bridging text from others, to act as an introduction to the massive company cross-over event Infinite Crisis.

The most extravagant and ambitious comics spectacular since Crisis on Infinite Earths the 1986 series that literally turned around the fortunes of a company that most in the industry considered a spent force, this anniversary bash is a direct sequel to that tale, via the groundbreaking Identity Crisis with seeds sewn throughout most of DC’s monthly titles.

This slim tome features Superman Secret files and Origins 2004, Flash #214 and Wonder Woman #219, as well as snippets from various Batman titles, Teen Titans, Adam Strange, JLA and a bunch of others, and although it doesn’t read particularly well in this format, I suspect that if you are going attempt the saga that ran as a further nine (counting the aforementioned Identity Crisis) inter-related graphic novels, you might want to pick this up as a cheaper bet than all those pesky back-issue comics. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

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