The Gift

The Illustrated History of the Statue of Liberty

The Gift

By Henry Gibson & Alfredo P. Alcala (Blackthorne Publishing, Inc)
ISBN: 0-932629-45-8

I’m a sucker for the unusual and a stickler for quality so how could I resist reviewing this impressively informative and readable graphic novel from 1986?

Produced in conjunction with a documentary TV special, actor/writer Henry Gibson scripted this slim album (48 pages) to commemorate the anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, for which comics superstar Alfredo Alcala turned in one of the best art-jobs of his illustrious career. In a tale markedly devoid of fist-fights and chases, the magical monochrome pages reverberate with grandeur and solidity as they recount the passionate quest of French sculptor and artisan Frederic Auguste Bartholdi to build a monument to match and even surpass the monolithic achievements of the ancient world’s Seven Wonders.

Simple, concise and surprisingly compelling, this is a superb example of the educational power and potential of the comic page. This is yet another book that should never be allowed to go out-of-print.

© 1986 Liberty Features International, Inc. Packaged and produced by S. Richard Krown and Richard Cramer. All Rights Reserved.

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