By Guy Colwell (Rip Off Press)
ISBN: 978-0-89620-114-9

Guy Colwell is an artist and cartoonist whose works are deeply personal and passionate. As such they have often been controversial. As an Underground Comix creator his output was graphically sexual and subtly anti-establishment, and with his three issue miniseries in 1989 he switched that critical focus to the basic drive of aesthetic attraction.

Wiley Waxman is a hyper-realist sculptor whose sexy statues are a sensation, both in the Art world and in the skin-mags of sleazy pornocrat Mal Murphy. When the ugliest man he has ever seen approaches him at an exhibition his disgust turns to fascination as Evergood Crepspok begs a favour. Hideous, malformed and covered with tumours, Crepspoks has never had sex with a beautiful woman – and sees no chance of ever doing so. He wants Waxman to construct the most perfect replica woman imaginable for his personal gratification. Initially revolted by the concept Waxman becomes obsessed with the notion. Enlisting the financial aid of Murphy he assembles his team and begins to work…

But the creative challenges are nothing compared to the human dramas when he succeeds, because his finished work is utterly irresistible. No man is able to resist the lust she/it inspires. And then Murphy decides to keep her for himself…

Sly and allegorical, this exploration of beauty and desire is compelling and sadly resigned in its assessment of male drives, but has valid points to make. With its matter-of-fact graphic sexuality it risks becoming itself just another “stroke-book”, but the disciplined adherence to the core premise means that any licentiousness is pretty much in the eye of the beholder.

This is a brave book about an issue that affects us all. After all, have you ever wondered why girl heroes most often fight crime in G-strings and spike heels?

© 1989 Guy Colwell. All Rights Reserved.