Palace of Tears Part 1

By Michael Lomon, with Alice Mazzilli

Win’s Christmas Gift Recommendation: Old School Blockbuster Family Entertainment… 9/10

Those of you who get out to popular events are probably well aware that all this week the Thought Bubble Yorkshire Comic Art Festival is lighting up the North, and morphs into a massive Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday (9th and 10th November).

As well as all the usual wonderments, mega guest stars convivial and bon homie of such enterprises, Thought Bubble is very proud of the number of comics and graphic novels that use the event for a high-profile launch springboard.

If you have the opportunity, you should go. Take your friends and family too. They’ll have a great time and maybe see that you aren’t that weird – relatively speaking – after all…

One enterprising chap attending the celebration is artist, illustrator and Motion Graphics Designer Michael Lomon – who wearily balances the complex digital day job with an irresistible drive to create thrilling traditional adventures (in actual pen and ink, yet!) – will be there, launching in person his latest extravaganza The Palace of Tears Part 1.

Somewhere in times forgotten or yet to be experienced, a poor fisherman dredges up a strange casket which contains possible doom and potential untold wealth. After opening the ornate flotsam – and subsequently outwitting the arcane horror within – the fisherman is set upon a precarious path to riches, selling very special fish to the Sultan.

However, human nature being what it is, neither vendor nor consumer can leave well enough alone and the equanimous daily transaction soon comes fatally adrift…

Accused of wizardry and cast into a dungeon, the cunning angler is astounded when a most unusual liberator manifests in a blaze of destructive luminescence and goes on a cataclysmic rampage.
That’s when things start to get really interesting… and quite terrifying…

Derived from an ancient Jewish folk tale and originated previously as a webcomic, this scintillating science fantasy tome offers a stunning, suspenseful yet fast-paced romp visually informed by classical fairy tales such as the Arabian Nights and Sinbad, with lush, lavish artwork referencing the very best of Michael Kaluta, Charles Vess, Moebius and the cinematic exploits of Douglas Fairbanks. It’s frankly quite dazzling to behold…
Absorbing, charming and over far too soon for my impatient attentions, this a sheer delight you must experience for yourself: either by going to the Comic Con and shelling out or via the usual web-based emporia…
© 2019 Michael Lomon. All rights reserved.

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