Win’s Top Ten Best and Most Enjoyable MUST READ THIS List 2020

What a year it’s been. I’m not talking about the other stuff. I can’t do anything about that. As usual, I’m waffling on about comics and 2020 has seen some absolute graphical wonders released: so much so that I’m about to do a thing I hate and list some.

Not all of them; that would be silly and achieve nothing. Just the ones that impressed me and that I liked most. There isn’t a countdown and my top ten has more than ten in it. They moved and delighted me the most, stood rereading best and were the ones published last year that I would be proudest to give other people to read as examples of what my chosen medium can accomplish.

The titles are all linked to the original reviews so you can say you researched them too, but frankly your best bet would be to just unhitch your payment method and order them all without wasting any more time.


Here we go then…

Blackwood by Hannah Eaton (Myriad Editions)

Giant by Mikaël, (NBM)

Two Dead by Van Jensen & Nate Powell (Gallery 13/Simon & Schuster)

The Wolf of Baghdad by Carol Isaacs/The Surreal McCoy (Myriad Editions)

Victory Point by Owen D. Pomery (Avery Hill)

Red Mother with Child by Christian Lax (NBM/Musée du Louvre Éditions)

Mongrel by Sayra Begum (Knockabout)

The Emotional Load and Other Invisible Stuff by Emma (Seven Stories Press)

The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott by Zoe Thorogood (Avery Hill)

The Silent Invasion: Abductions by Michael Cherkas, Larry Hancock & Paul McCusker (NBM)

Leonardo2 by Stéphane Levallois (NBM/Musée du Louvre Éditions)

What We Don’t Talk About by Charlot Kristensen (Avery Hill)

Plutocracy by Abraham Martínez (NBM)


I just realised most of those might be challenging or uncomfortable reading for (the parents of) our younger followers. If so here’s another Winning List. These have none of the swear words or rude bits – although there’s a modicum of wholly acceptable violence…

Oi Kids! Get these!

Take it Away, Tommy! by Georgia Dunn (Andrews McMeel)

A Portrait in Poems by Evie Robillard & Rachel Katstaller (Kids Can Press)

Bigby Bear: The Explorer by Philippe Coudray (BiG-Humanoids/Simon Icke)

Elvis Puffs Out by Georgia Dunn (Andrews McMeel)

Bluebeard: A Feminist Fairy Tale by Metaphrog (Papercutz)

Conan the Barbarian Epic Collection by Roy Thomas & Barry Windsor-Smith (Marvel)

Brina the Cat by Giorgio Salati & Christian Cornia, with Erika Turbati, (Papercutz)

The Flood That Did Come by Patrick Wray (Avery Hill)

Beano and Dandy: A Celebration of Dudley D Watkins (DCT)