The Windy Day

By Tony Sandoval, translated, designed & edited by Mike Kennedy (Cub House/Lion Forge – Magnetic Press)
ISBN: 978-1942367987 (HB)

Spring’s here: time for a walk…

Antonio Sandoval hails from Mexico and lives in Barcelona these days. He was born in 1973 and has a sweet tooth for the childishly macabre as can be seen in such works as Nocturno and Johnny Caronte – Zombie Detective. Let’s hope we see those in English soon.

This charming hardback and digital delight was originally published in 2014 as Le Jour de vent; introducing another cool and feisty little girl who won’t let anyone or thing get in the way of her living her life.

Narrated in the first person, The Windy Day details how our proud warrior makes a kite and overcomes her fears of the deep, dark woods to see it fly. Her brother is useless and wants to play with his toy soldiers, while the chickens just want to wander about pecking the dirt…

So off she goes, ignoring the hideous stares of the mean monsters lurking in the shadows and finds the perfect clearing to launch her beautiful construction. Just as it’s all going great, goblins riding pirate clouds attack her and snatch at her kite, Luckily, a giant wolf-dog is sheltering in the trees and is ready to help. She thankfully names him “Courage”…

Wonderfully enthralling and painted in a truly enchanting manner, this is a pure joy for youngsters with a message we can all embrace and share.
Le Jour de vent © 2014 BELG Prod Sàrl All rights reserved.