Star Wars: Empire vol 6 In the Shadows of Their Fathers

Star Wars: Empire vol 6 In the Shadows of Their Fathers 

By Various (Dark Horse Books)
ISBN 1-84576-271-1

With stories set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, this volume of intergalactic derring-do (reprinted from the comic book Star Wars: Empire issues #29-34) returns to the events of the Battle of Jabiim (see Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 3 Last Stand On Jabiim).

The plot examines how that tumultuous debacle has affected the sons of the leading proponents, Anakin Skywalker’s son Luke and Nolan Gillmun, child and heir of the resistance leader Anakin abandoned there more than twenty years previously. After an enjoyable first chapter by Scott Allie and artist Joe Corroney highlighting Darth Vader’s unique diplomatic skills, the main action begins as the Sith Lord returns to the rain-planet after two decades, where the young Rebels Luke and Leia, have come a cropper whilst on a mission for the Rebellion.

Jabiim had resisted the Empire in a bloody guerrilla war for that entire time, and a link up with the Rebels of other worlds seemed an ideal way to increase pressure on their mutual oppressor, but then the Jabiimis discovered that Luke was the son of the ultimate traitor Jedi Skywalker…

Full of action and suspense, although less dark and oppressive than its Clone Wars precursor, this is still a powerful tale that offers fresh insights into the complex character of Anakin/Vader whilst delivering a whole bunch of escapist fun, and the script by Thomas Andrews is captivatingly illustrated by Adriana Melo and Michel LaCombe makes this book some good clean fun for a rainy day.

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