Hairy Mary

Hairy Mary

By Craig Conlan (Slab-O-Concrete)
ISBN: 1-899866-12-4

This vibrant and engaging little minx is a wonderful antidote to all those stuffy, ponderous melodramas and teen-angst soaps. Hairy Mary is a fun-loving lass with magical hair which can do anything she wants. What she usually wants is fun and confectionery, but that never stops her from having bright, breezy and surreal adventures in a world uniquely suited to her and brilliantly depicted by the tremendously talented Craig Conlan, in what he calls his “Bubblegum Drag Manga” style. Just one cautionary note – all this jollity is aimed at big kids: If you can’t vote yet, you’d best check with a responsible adult first.

In this first volume she defeats Dragzilla whilst on a desperate search for biscuits, battles sentient – but Evil – cake at a party in ‘Happy Birthday, Megabucket!’ and thwarts that ice-cream stealing little yob Crabula in the beach-bash ‘Gazpatcho!’.

Before a hilarious and eerily charming Mr Men spoof ‘Hairy Miss Mary’ riotously ends the hi-jinks, there’s even the hirsute hero-ette’s special recipe for the delicious aforementioned cold soup treat; extra added value in this glorious package of fat-free fun, fun, fun.

C’mon, Get Some!

© 1998 Craig Conlan. All Rights Reserved.