Cosmic Odyssey

Cosmic Odyssey

By Jim Starlin, Mike Mignola, Carlos Carzon & Steve Oliff (DC Comics)
ISBN 1-56389-051-8

Here’s a good old-fashioned piece of super-hero fluff built to shock and awe the ten-year-old in all of us. Originally a four-part miniseries, this stellar melodrama teams Superman, Batman, some of Jack Kirby’s greatest creations plus a few other superheroic aliens in a classical interplanetary slugfest to save the entire Milky Way galaxy from the depredations of a malevolent sentient Concept out of the Great Beyond.

Jim Starlin’s plot is light but the action and drama are top-notch, especially when depicted by the magnificent pre-Hellboy Mike Mignola. With The Demon and Darkseid involved, betrayal and disaster are never far away but the double-dealing and tragedy still result in glorious triumph.

Fast fun, mind-boggling adventure and the inevitable victory of everything good, it’s what all feel-good fantasy should be like… Buy it and be a wide-eyed kid all over again.

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