The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle

By Jim Butcher & Ardian Syaf (Titan Books/Dabel Brothers Publishing)
ISBN: 978-1-84856-208-0

Jim Butcher is a best-selling novelist and comics fan whose tales of a wizard-for-hire on the mean streets of modern Chicago have won him legions of fans, and even spawned a short-lived but excellent TV series.

In this tale set just before the first novel, Storm Front, Harry Dresden is an “unconventional” Private Eye who occasionally consults for the Chicago Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit, walking a fine line as a specialist fighting supernatural menaces whilst trying to keep all things mystical a secret from the unsuspecting public.

When a Zoo keeper is torn to shreds he uncovers a plot by an ancient horror that will have catastrophic repercussions for frail humanity…

Exceedingly readable, the premise may not be fresh to fantasy fans but the characters and dialogue are top-rate and the art from Ardian Syaf and inkers Nick Nix, Joe Pimentel, David Rivera and Rick Ketcham is understated and highly effective.

This lush hardcover comes with a cover gallery, production sketches plus character studies and profiles. As well as being a great piece of comics storytelling, this book will hopefully entice a few more hold-outs into our magical world of pictures and words. A potential seasonal gift for your favourite comics-resister, perhaps..?

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